Autism And Food – Is There A Connection?

There is not doubt that food has a profound effect on the body.  Actually, my experience has taught me that the real question has nothing to do with the effect of food on the body and everything to do with knowing what is food and what is under the disguise of "food" but harmful to the body.

I found that I was ignorant when it came to understanding food.  I, like so many others, believed that if it was in the grocery store, it was safe.  I also believed that food was food - right?  Wrong-wrong-wrong!

Just as food has a profound effect on the body, non-foods, or what I like to call shadow food, also have a profound effect on the body.  Just as whole, live food in its natural form nourishes and feeds the body in a myriad of ways, shadow food breaks down the body and does harm.

So what does all this have to do with autism?

What is passed down in our DNA is just really being brought to light.  I actually visited with a mother of a child with autism who had an amazing account to share with me.  It seems that the child's father, had at one time worked for the government and was, in the line of duty, exposed to radiation.  The government treated this man and he believed that the radiation was no longer harmful.

The amazing account was that radiation was found in the body of his son who had never been exposed to radiation.  It was found when the child was an infant.

This account affirmed what I was reading about "gut flora" which is the balance between good and bad bacteria in the colon which dramatically affects the digestive system.  The gut flora balance, so crucial to good health, is completely destroyed when a person takes a round of antibiotics.

What happens when a woman has taken a round of antibiotics and never restored the balance of bacteria?  And lets say that this woman takes more than one round of antibiotics.  Does the mother pass on to the child "gut flora"?

It seems that "gut flora" is passed on to the child in the birthing process.  So when a child is taken by cesarean section, the child has not been inoculated with gut flora.

There are many situations by which a fetus can begin life with an "out of balance" gut flora.  That has been proven scientifically.  So what does one do and how does "gut flora" affect autism?

The very first doctor I found that truly understood autism made the following statement over and over.

Block Letters for Kids

 The healthier you get his "gut", the better his mind will work. The colon is the second brain.

This doctor focused on two things with our son:

(1)  Weaning Emory off of all drugs and

(2) feeding him in such a manner that his gut would heal.

top of soda can
Top of the List of Shadow Foods

It was this doctor who taught me about "shadow food" and instructed me to never, ever give "shadow food" to Emory.  He taught me that none of us should eat this "shadow food" but the average body can deal with some of it, if not eaten on a regular basis.  The body of a person with autism is not able to withstand the harm done.

It takes a very healthy diet for the "gut" to heal, but it is possible!  Keep coming back to tune in on the foods that assist the body in healing the colon and restoring the balance of flora in the colon.


2 thoughts on “Autism And Food – Is There A Connection?”

  1. This a very interesting article and one that hits home a bit for me. I am a public teacher specializing in children with autism and I’ve always believed there was a connection between the foods they eat and their behavior/performance. I think that if schools did a bit more to minimize the bad foods that our students with autism eat, then they’d be better off. Great read

    1. Thank you Will. You are so right about school. When Emory was in school, he was given many different “shadow” foods that he should not consume. Then they wondered why he could not sit still!!! We keep working on spreading this message and hopefully it will catch on more and more. The tide is turning. Thank you so much for your comment!

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