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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Barbara and my husband’s name is John. We are in the autumn years of our life. This website came to be because our youngest son has severe autism. Our sons name is Emory and he was 39 years old on May 22, 2016.

Our passion is to share what we have learned as parents of a child with autism. We found so many pitfalls along the way and we hope to warn you about those area’s that could prove to harm you and/or your child.

Let me tell you about Emory:Emory & Mom

Some of the symptoms severe autism produced in Emory are:

  • inability to speak
  • inability to look at a clock and know what time it is
  • does not understand the concept of money
  • does not understand life and death situations
  • inability to use sign language except on a limited basis
  • not able to prepare a meal or a snack
  • not able to drive a car
  • not able to use a telephone

As you can tell with that short description, Emory requires 24 hour supervision.

Emory is extremely sensory and does not have the ability to shut down sensory gates, although I think he is better able to do that now than he ever was. Emory is able to understand what is being said to him as long as he is not fixated on something at the time that you speak.About Barb

Emory has a great sense of humor and loves to get an emotional reaction.

Emory is capable of being himself at all times and always accepts others right where they are in their walk in life. Emory does not care what you have or do not have, what you have or have not done, how much money you make or the color of your skin. These things do not interfere in Emory’s relationships.

Emory can get angry and Emory can laugh. Emory likes a good joke and he loves to see his family. We have been told countless times that Emory acts differently around us than he does anyone else. If you earn Emory’s trust, then you have accomplished something to be proud of.

The journey thus far:

We have run the gauntlet that every parent has to run. We have talked to multiple professionals and read countless articles. What we share here is how we found help, what worked for our son, and what we now declare as our worst mistakes.

Emory has not lived with us for several years. He has lived in a group home and he has lived with a roommate. He now lives by himself in a little two bedroom house that is so darn cute I wish that I had bought it. He lives in a small town where he is readily accepted.

John and I live about 25 miles from Emory which works very well for us. Both of us can be very obsessive where Emory is concerned, so the distance helps us to have our life and keep it separate from Emory’s life. This also prepares Emory for our death. That is an area that I think about often.

John and I have three other children, two boys and one girl. The girl is the baby of the family. We have nine grandchildren and, at this time, four great grandchildren. All are familiar with Emory and are able to interact with Emory.

We hope that you will find something here to take with you as you walk this “journey of love”.

With all concern;


Founder of Best Foods For Autism!


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