Autism Food List

I have many parents ask me what we feed Emory.  So I have compiled a food list that I hope will aid those who are wondering what is really good, nutritious food and what is not.  At this point, if it is not on this list, we do not give it to Emory.

Also note that this is not just an autism food list for anyone who cherishes good health and wants to age gracefully will also use this food list.

    • All Vegetables in their raw, whole form grown organically.  Eat the vegetables raw if possible realizing that some vegetables need to be cooked.  You can get very creative in using fresh fruits in different vegetable salads.  Fresh Fruit and Veggies
    • Once industrialized farming began, meat has been tainted with growth hormones and antibiotics and animals are fed ridiculous amounts of grain.  Purchase organic (meaning antibiotic and growth hormone free) grass fed beef and organic free range chicken.  Do not purchase farm raised fish, rather go fishing and bring home your catch.  We avoid pork meaning we eat very little of it. Turkey bacon and sausage is so much better.  Be sure to leave some of the fat on the meat for it is very good for the body.cows in pasture
    • Purify the water for most water treatment plants use fluoride which causes brain damage.  We use a reverse osmosis in our home and we purchased a pitcher for Emory’s house that gives clean water without the filtration system.Water
    • Fresh juiced vegetables and fruits are great if they are consumed within 20 minutes of juicing.  Commercial fruit juice is mostly sugar with very little nutrition.Fruit Chopped Into Piecees
    • Good protein smoothies are a wonderful way to assist a body that needs healing, especially the gut.  You can also add pro-biotics to a smoothie!  We use Kombucha and Kefir in smoothies or when juicing.

    • Coconut oil or MacNut Oil are good oils to cook and bake with.  Olive oil is used for salad dressings or on veggies we are roasting.

    • Organic butter from grass fed cows is so very healthy and necessary for gut health.  You can purify the butter by making Ghee to cook with.Butter


  • Most all nuts and seeds are great.  A seed that will aid the gut and give the body good nutrients is Chia Seeds.  And they are also good for creating puddings without white flour.  We love them.

I think the best way to describe a good autism food list is to look for food that is the closest to the way that God created it.  Not in a can or a box and not loaded with chemicals.  Community gardens or Farmers Markets are a good source of live, whole food that is full of nutrition.

Good eating!

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