Can Vaccine’s Cause Autism?

The debate about vaccinations and autism continues even though the attempts to shut down this discussion are raging.  Do we need to stop investigating the vaccine autism link?  Or do scientific studies indicate that the truth has been withheld and there is a link between vaccines and autism?

As a mother of a child with severe autism, I believe that we have not been told the truth about vaccinations and the damage vaccinations have brought to so many children.  I think the question, “Can Vaccine’s Cause Autism?” needs more input and much lengthier discussions.

I read another article today that is loaded with scientific studies.  It states, in part, that from 1991 to 1999, the number of children requiring special education services for autism increased by 500%.  Would you not think that the increase itself bares investigation?  And that is not all of the information this article contained.  It also stated, and I quote, “This study investigated the link between developmental disability in children 1-9 years of age and prior infant vaccination with 3 doses of the newly recommended mercury-containing hepatitis B vaccine. Boys who received 3 doses of the mercury-containing hepatitis B vaccine during infancy were nearly 9 times more likely (OR=8.63) than unvaccinated boys to need early intervention services, a proxy for developmental disability. This study provides strong evidence toward answering the Institute of Medicine’s open question about whether there is a link between mercury-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders.”

Now there are only a few lines here from that article.  Would you like to read the whole article that consists of many scientific studies?  The link to that article is Autism, Mercury, Thimersol and Vaccines!

I have spoken with many parents over the years who knew within hours following a vaccination being administered to their child that something was wrong.  I have had parents tell me that they took their children to a children’s hospital where doctors told them that their child was having an adverse reaction to a vaccination.  Now, science is backing up what some doctors and parents already knew.

Many have come to believe that vaccinations are necessary, even at the expense of mental development in some children.  I always wonder if they would make that statement if it was their child.  I also wonder if vaccinations keep any child “safe”?  Are there other alternatives for children?

In our experience, what we put in our body has great bearing on our health.  Is food and whole, live food supplements truly an answer?  Has the American diet taken us down a path of chronic illness and, subsequently, developmental disabilities?

Organic Veggies!

There are still a lot of questions to be answered in my mind.  As a race, humans are always learning, so there is always hope.  At this point, I am still putting my hope in true, nurturing food.

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