Do Vaccinations Cause Autism??? A Prosecutor’s Story!

Is Autism linked to vaccines?  I have read a lot of articles on this subject as have most parents with children that have been diagnosed with Autism.  But what about those couples who are thinking about having children?  Do they have a right to know what parents are finding out first hand?hypodermic syringe

Back in 1977 when our son, Emory, was born I read articles about vaccinations and what they contained.  There was information coming out at that time about how dangerous these vaccinations really were.  So I did not allow Emory or his sister to be vaccinated until they were ready for school.  With what I know today, I would not have allowed vaccinations at all.   If you have not seen the movie VaxXed, now would be a good time to watch it.

I think that the following video from the parents of a young child that has been diagnosed with autism really tells a good story.  Listen for yourself and then leave me a comment.

There is no doubt that these parents are convinced that Autism is caused by vaccinations.  I think they make a really strong argument for their case.  What do you think???

2 thoughts on “Do Vaccinations Cause Autism??? A Prosecutor’s Story!”

  1. Hi , I was vaccinated when I was a kid and my entire community was and currently are and to date no one suffers from Autism. are vaccines in different places made differently? was there a specific ingredient in the vaccine that causes autism?

    1. I know what you are saying Uwais about being vaccinated as a child. I also had some vaccinations as a child, but they were not administered until I was in grade school. They were not administered when I was an infant. And there were not near as many as there are today.

      Even today, not every child that receives a vaccine contracts autism. It is the fact that the percentage is constantly rising as more and more vaccines are administered, even to new born babies.

      As well, when I was a child, a lot of people raised their own food, raising animals was not done industrially so antibiotics and growth hormones were not being administered, and a lot of the food we purchased was grown locally. So that food was not sprayed with chemicals to keep it from ripening and then sprayed with more chemicals so it would ripen.

      In other words, the immune system of the average citizen was in good shape. That is not true today.

      I cannot say for a fact that vaccines made in other countries are different from here. Good question though and one I shall research that.

      As for the ingredient in vaccines that is connected to autism, that ingredient is mercury or aluminum.

      I am so glad that you were able to leave a comment Uwais. I shall keep you posted as I gather more information.

      Thank you so much,

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