Autism and Food Allergies

What does Food Allergies have to do with Autism?  Good question. A food allergy is the body's way of sending a signal to indicate that something is amiss.  In the case of food allergies, we need to look at the gut.

The very first doctor that pointed us in the direction of live, whole foods was first of all a sinus and allergy specialist.  In time, the biggest percentage of his patients also had autism.  And he noted that when the allergies were addressed, the number of symptoms from autism lessened.  This opened a door of opportunity for him.

This man came to study with a group of international doctors that called themselves D.A.N.N. (Do Away With Autism Now).  He began to pass on to me what these doctors were learning about the connection between food allergies and autism.  He told me over and over again that the healthier we got Emory's digestive system, the better he would function!  He called the colon the second brain.


Live Whole Food - Good Food Choice

The first thing we were told to do to help Emory's digestive system heal was to get our son off of all of the drugs he was taking.  Since the cocktail was made up of five different drugs, this was going to be a daunting task.  This wonderful man told me that drugs deplete the body of nutrition because the drug is toxic - any and every drug is toxic - and the body uses nutrition to remove the toxins.

There is not doubt this doctor was telling the truth for our son's body was breaking down and the very first symptom his body exhibited was constipation.  I constantly asked if this was due to the drugs and was told it was not due to the drugs.  Several years later, I got a different story.  That will come later.

Then I was given a list of 10  foods never, ever to give to our son.  He did not say to "avoid" but to never ever give them to our son.  These foods also feed inflammation as well as high on the list of food allergies.  Here is the list as I remember it:

  1. Soft Drinks of any kind.
  2. Partially hydrogenated oils (vegetable oil, corn oil, margarine, etc.)
  3. Fast Food
  4. Processed Foods like white cane sugar and white flour.
  5. Grains including corn, wheat, and oats.
  6. Meat from animals that have been fed antibiotics.
  7. Canned vegetables.
  8. Drinks in plastic bottles.
  9. Junk food.
  10. Artificial sugars.


This doctor said to feed our son food that is as close to the way that God created it as possible.  Again we were blessed because my parents raised a large garden and everyone that lived close would come and help to harvest and freeze or can that food.

Shadow Food Called Pizza
Not A Good Food Choice

Also early on I was told to give our son fish oil.  Emory would eat it like it was candy for his body was burning vitamin A almost faster then we could get it in him.  That fish oil aids the colon and creates an environment in the colon for good bacteria to grow.

This way of eating has not changed in 25 years.   We still do not feed him processed grains.  In fact we feed him very little grains.  Nor do we ourselves eat grains.  Check out the recipe page to see how we substituted other ingredients for the grain.

This story only gets better as time goes by!  Stay tuned to find out just what a difference these changes made.

Emory & Mom
Emory & Mom Enjoying A Picnic

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