Is Organic Food Expensive?

I hear a lot of remarks concerning the cost of organic food.  There are people who tell me that they cannot buy organic food because it is just too expensive and they cannot afford it.

Basket of Vegetables
Whole Live Food

I do believe that in some cases, this is true.  The question remains; Is organic food expensive?  Let us discuss this for a minute.

There is an old adage that said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”!  I think that statement fits in this situation because from what I am learning, illness does not come from whole, live food that is bursting with nutrition.

Our bodies must have food in order to get the nutrients that it needs to function properly.  When the body is nutrient deficient, it becomes ill.  There is a scientist by the name of Linus Pauling who actually made the statement that, “you can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”  Where do we get minerals?  Normally we would get minerals from food.

There is one problem!  The food gets minerals from the soil, and the soil has been depleted of minerals due to the use of chemical

Rich Soil
Rich Soiil

fertilizers and chemical herbicides!  This has been true and known since the 1930’s.  We take from the soil, but the farming practices we use today does not “feed” the soil.

Now we have one of the greatest reasons for “organic food”!  Organic means that the soil has been fed without the use of chemicals.  It means, among other things, that the food has not been sprayed with chemicals.  Therefore, the food contains minerals and other nutrients that the body needs to heal and repair.

Talk to anyone who has been seriously ill and you will find out that Scalesthere are very few people in this country today who can afford to become sick.  Be it cancer, diabetes, a disease of the colon or other chronic illnesses that come from within the body, the financial burden can bankrupt you!

Am I saying that eating organic will stop disease?  I am saying that taking care of the entire being can stay disease and illness, and, eating whole, live food is one of the ways we can take good care of the body.   Remember that we only get one body in our lifetime.

There are many cases of people completely reversing Type 2 Diabetes by simply not eating white flour and white sugar.  Others have had to drop all grains from their diet in order for the body to reverse Type 2 Diabetes, but they believe that it is worth it.

So you choose where you will spend your money!  You decide each day if you will draw closer to illness or closer to good health for the decisions you make today concerning your health will determine how you will spend your senior years on this earth.

Where can you buy organic food?

There is one company, Thrive Market,  that has worked with all of the companies that provide organic foods to bring them together and provide the organic choice at a lower price.  You can become a member for $60 a year, or apply for a free membership due to income restraints.  If you purchase a membership, you also provide a free membership to one low income family.  I like that idea.

As a member you save anywhere from 15% to 50% on organic foods with specials running each week.  And the variety they provide means you could find your favorite brand of organic food at a price that is below the retail price.

Check them out and take advantage of one month free trial.  If you decide you want to opt out, you have lost nothing.  Cancel at any time you decide Thrive Market is not for you!

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